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California Verde is a Digital Magazine dedicated to the dissemination of the use of green energy, where you can access the information you need to know about this new issue of how to keep our planet green...

   It is edited in both English and Spanish, it provides information about our environment, about renewable energy, recycling and different types of energy savings and in addition we cover topics such as global warming, environment, recycling and health and nutrition issues.


   Our magazine is dedicated to the public of all ages and our main purpose is to make this valuable information available on the progress and use of green energy. 
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   Green California assists individuals, businesses and institutions as successfully convert their homes, businesses or establishments in a place more friendly to our planet. If you need advice we are one of the best sources and supports available in the market.

   The best source for indispensable information business people and professionals need, California Verde Weekly offers the analytical summary about our environment, the green energy, recycling and the other different types of energy savings that exist in our state. Also, we cover very important topics such as Global Warming, environmental impact, and health and nutrition.

In California Verde you will find relevant articles regarding Global Warming, analyzed by professional specialists, as well as confidential and edited reports that covers very important topics such as the environment, recycling, and also about health and nutrition.


   California Verde, California Verde is a publication of Ruben Morla, Editor and President. California Verde is the continuity of projects and principles of the decade of the 80's; its purpose is to persuade Hispanic people to be aware of how important it is to protect our planet and its nature. Moreover, its purpose is to protect the lifestyle of humans so that they can breathe safe fresh air, eat fresh meals - free of toxics and contaminants.

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